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Hi, I'm Kirky and I'm a huge sports fan and if you are as well then you're gonna love this site. I look for everything cool that's sporty on the web and put it right here on my site.

Trivia, games, jokes, tipping competitions, websites, movies, pictures, sports betting and more - if it's cool and it's to do with sport then you'll find it on this site!

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I am a java programmer and have developed a few sports websites because I love sports, and to demonstrate my programming skills. If you need a database driven website and don't want to pay outrageous costs for the highest possible quality programming (just check out my sites below and you'll see ;-)) then please Email Me. You may also want to read my Resume

Here are some of the sites I've created

  • KirkyOnline Sports
    This is the directory of cool sports stuff that I have created. It has jokes, pictures, movies, sports betting, games, trivia and heaps more. Click Here for KirkyOnline. You can also sign up to my weekly newsletter at TopTipper to receive weekly sports goodies in your email

  • www.TopTipper.com
    TopTipper consists of sports prediction games (tipping competitions) for sports all over the world. You have to predict who will win each match in your favourite sport. Based on the accuracy of your predictions you score points, and compete against everyone else to become the TopTipper. TopTipper is the best sports tipping site on the internet. Not only does it cover more sports than any other, it also has more variety where you can predict the margin of victory and score of each team too! I also give away weekly, monthly and sometimes competition specific prizes. Click Here for TopTipper

  • www.SportsPunter.com
    SportsPunter is a leading online sports betting site. It has an odds comparison service from leading bookmaker around the world, and a very popular "Odds in your Email" facility. By choosing the bookmaker that has the best odds for your bets, you make more money! SportsPunter also has a detailed match and team statistics section (with a "Stats in your Email" facility). It also lets you view the tips of the experts from the TopTipper tipping competitions - this is very valuable information for sports bettors. Click Here for SportsPunter
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